The Bioclean Project is organized in 5 distinct work packages (WPs):


WP1: Surfaces (Leader P&G)

Surface Modification

Soil removal of Complex organic Soil Via Surface Modification

  •  Surface Modification to prevent or loosen adhesion soil
  •  Develop Structure-Functional property relationship models to identify best surface modification approaches
  •  Study Microbial response to surface modification strategies
  •  Attachment and detachment of soils on modified surfaces under flow
  •  Chemical modification of natural polymers for malodour reduction



WP2: Mechanisms (Leader CSGI)

Disruption of Microbial Cell wall

  • Develop mechanistic understanding into disruption of cell envelope and biochemical processes inside cytoplasm
  • Understanding oxidative pathways inside cells

Weaken Soil – Substrate interaction

  • Reduce Complex Organic Soils internal network
  • Impact of flow-through porous substrates (sponge, fabric) on Complex Organic Soil
  • Impact of mechanical force on oral biofilm



WP3: Methods/Models/Molecules (Leader P&G)

  • SAXS to measure the kinetics and the mechanism of how actives affect cell morphology
  • MRI and 3D Micro CT to visualise flow and diffusion properties within and surrounding biologically-derived soil especially in optically opaque porous substrates like sponge and fabric
  • Micromanipulation: Study Adhesive and cohesive forces in biofilm and the factors leading to dislodging the soil from surfaces.
  • Synthesis of novel polymers for soil repellency and chemical modification of natural polymers for Malodour Control



WP4: Application (Leader University of Birmingham)

  • Application of surface modification in industry-relevant environments & substrates, e.g. human, fabric & home, food, marine surfaces.

  • Design products and technologies that either prevent the adhesion of soils or significantly ease the removal of soils from surfaces with minimum physical attrition.



WP5: Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination (Leader CSGI)

  • Ensure effective knowledge transfer internally and externally; create broad based public awareness and understanding in the biofilm management work area via open science plus numerous and different types of dissemination and outreach activities.