Selected ESR: Osama Hussein Bekhet
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Supervisor Name: Ranieri Rossi

Industrial Supervisors: Eric Robles, Andre Chieffi

Recruiting Organisation: CSGI at Siena University



Mechanistic understanding of oxidative processes at the cellular level


Develop mechanistic understanding of chemical oxidation inside cells by identifying the peroxidative reaction products



This research project is focused onmechanistic understanding of oxidative pathwaysthrough analyses of oxidation products/biomarkers (catalase, superoxide dismutase, protein carbonyls, thiols, glutathione - a tripeptide with antioxidant properties, GSH/GSSG, lipid peroxidation and ROS)in Pseudomonas fluorescens planktonic cells grown in TSB medium to stationary phase before and after exposure to different oxidizing agents at various pH values. On the basis of this understanding, molecules that would provide synergistic action will be identified for enhanced removal of biological soil and control of bacterial growth.

Techniques employed: UV-Vis spectrophotometry, HPLC with UV/Vis and fluorimetric detector, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, fluorimetry and EPR.